Group menus 2016

Version I

I option
Herring-beetroot pie
(Beetroot and spiced herring fillet pie with sour cream and green salad)
Honey pork
(Honey and mustard glazed roasted pork chop with mashed rutabaga,
mushrooms and juniper sauce)
Sea buckthorn jelly with Kama foam

  II option
Baked liver pâté on rye bread
(Baked liver pâté on rye bread with bacon chips and rowan jelly)
Roast chicken with oven vegetables
(Baked chicken fillet with “Hõbe Õun” apple wine-cream sauce and oven vegetables)
Layered dessert of berries and caramel oatmeal

  III option
Vegetable - pearl barley soup
(Vegetable-pearl barley soup with shredded pork and herbs)
Sea bass fillet with herbs
(Fried sea bass breaded with herbs with Põltsamaa Loss wine, carrots and dill potatoes)
Raspberry-rhubarb cake with ice-cream

 Version II

I option
Slightly salted whitefish terrine
(Slightly salted whitefish terrine stuffed with avocado on toast with tomato-onion chutney)
Beef ballotine
(Roast beef back fillet roulade with smoked bacon and champignons in red wine sauce)
Banana parfait
(Banana-hazelnut parfait with chocolate mousse)

II option
Mini pie with smoked chicken
(Smoked chicken in flaky pastry pie with rucola salad and green herb purée)
Braised pork shank
(Braised mini pork shank in plum sauce with grilled vegetables)
Caramel cheesecake
(Caramel curd cheesecake with grapes)

III option
Tortelloni Ricotta in tomato soup
(Ricotta cheese and spinach-carrot stuffed tortellini in tomato-vegetable soup)
Salmon chermoula in herb-lemon sauce
(Fragrant and spicy salmon chermoula in herb and lemon sauce with lime rice)
New York cheesecake
(Cheesecake with brandy-cherry sauce)

 Special vegetarian menu

7 vegetable soup
(Delicious 7 vegetable puree soup with roasted pumpkin seeds)
Lens-pearl barley burger
(Lentil-pearl barley burger with spicy fruit salsa)
Citrus sorbet and spicy fruits
(Fruits marinated in ginger-honey syrup served with citrus sorbet)

Menus include coffee, tea and ice water.

 Orders and additional information:
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