Group menus 2017

Version I

Quick cured trout
(Strips of salted trout marinated in vodka with onion and crispy toast)
Braised pork with herbs
(Braised pork with barley flower balls, herb sauce and boiled vegetables)
Baked apple in puff pastry
(Baked sour apple with honey and cinnamon under a coat of puff pastry)
Price: 18€/ per person

Rye bread with beetroot-horseradish cream and chicken liver pate
(Baked liver pate with chopped plum, tomato and carrots on rye bread
with beetroot-horseradish cream)
Oven baked chicken fillet in sea-buckthorn and pepper sauce
(Baked chicken fillet in sea-buckthorn and pepper sauce on baked vegetables)
Layered dessert with cottage cheese and strawberries.
Price: 18€/ per person

Estonian farmer’s soup
(Clear soup with broad beans, vegetables and smoked meat)
Baked perch fillet in dill-dough
(Baked perch fillet breaded with butter and dill with Põltsamaa Lossivein wine sauce and boiled potatoes)
Kama cake with blackcurrant soup
(Kama-curd-whipped cream cake with blackcurrant soup)
Price: 18€/ per person

Version II

Salmon soup with red salsa
(Salmon soup with red salsa and rouille)
Beef braised in wine
(Juicy beef sirloin braised in white wine and herbs with creamy potato mousse
and vegetables)
Chocolate tiramisu with strawberries
(Chocolate cream and cocoa liqueur flavored cake in a goblet)
Price: 21,50€/ per person

Oven baked beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese
(Oven baked beetroot carpaccio with balsamico-caramel, goat cheese and pine nuts)
Duck leg-confit with turnips
(Slow braised duck leg with leafy greens and turnips)
Brule pudding
(Coconut flavored Brule pudding with exotic fruits)
Price: 21,50€/ per person

Smoked chicken tomato pie
(A pie with smoked chicken and tomato filling with creamy cheese topping in juicy sauce)
Fried whitefish fillet with chanterelle sauce
(Whitefish fillet fried with butter in chanterelle sauce with carrots stewed in wine and creamy rice with herbs)
Almond parfait
(Spicy pears with almond parfait)
Price: 21,50€/ per person

Special vegetarian menu

Creamy chanterelle soup with carrot chips
Lemon pasta with vegetables
(Pasta tagliatelle with vegetables and parmesan cheese)
Caramelized bananas
(Bananas baked with rum and brown sugar with strawberry sorbet)
Price: 18€/ per person

Menus include coffee, tea and ice-water

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