Conference menu

Braised pork with herbs
(Braised pork with barley flower balls, herb sauce and boiled vegetables)
Baked apple in puff pastry
(Baked sour apple with honey and cinnamon under a coat of puff pastry)
Price: 14,50€/ per person

Oven baked chicken fillet in sea-buckthorn and pepper sauce
(Baked chicken fillet in sea-buckthorn and pepper sauce on baked vegetables)
Layered dessert with cottage cheese and strawberries.
Price: 14,50€/ per person

Estonian farmer’s soup
(Clear soup with broad beans, vegetables and smoked meat)
Baked perch fillet in dill-dough
(Baked perch fillet breaded with butter and dill with Põltsamaa Lossivein wine sauce and boiled potatoes)
Price: 14,50€/ per person

Special vegetarian menu
Lemon pasta with vegetables
(Pasta tagliatelle with vegetables and parmesan cheese)
Caramelized bananas
(Bananas baked with rum and brown sugar with strawberry sorbet)
Price: 14,50€/ per person

Menus include coffee, tea and ice-water

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