Delicious 2-course dinner in Restaurant L’Ermitage

Fish curry
Baked, creamy and rich flavoured salmon curry with lime rice
Saffron pear
Vanilla and orange marinated pear with chocolate mousse

Wine recommendation
: Sauvignon Blanc, Georges Duboeuf, Vin De Pays, France
Price: 20€/ bottle

Tortellini with roe deer meat
Wholemeal tortellini with roe deer meat, chanterelle sauce and cranberries
Apple pie
Pastry cake with crunchy apple pieces, covered with almond chips,
served with vanilla ice-cream

Wine recommendation:
Barbera D’Alba Rosso, Italy 
Price: 20€/ bottle

Pepper steak in Bloody Mary sauce
Grilled beef tenderloin marinated in pepper mix with Bloody Mary sauce and potato-horseradish cream
Strawberry sorbet and peppermint-Mojito
Strawberry sorbet, lime and peppermint flavoured Mojito

Wine recommendation:
Cotes Du Rhone "Saint-Espirit", Delas Freres, Rhone, France
Price: 20€/ bottle

Menu price: 15€/ per person